VR технологии

Due to 3D scanning technology creates extra realistic game locations are created

Dreampix studio specializes in the creation of animation, special effects, virtual advertising and VR games, presentations for business, virtual tours, and augmented reality content for amusement/virtual reality simulators. Among the newest technologies that we use in the studio, we can mention 3D scanning technology.

VR technologies

It can be used to scan the terrain, buildings, interiors, people and any other objects. After these 3D models are used to create content for a variety of VR tasks. In virtual reality scanned objects look exactly like the real ones. You can create not only a model. Additional realistic playgrounds, reliably reproducing real terrain thanks to this technology.

VR Studio Dreampix currently is working on a complex interactive game projects – games for a virtual reality simulator. In the market of virtual content there are very few offers of virtual games with the management for virtual amusement/simulators. In combination with 3d scanning technology using it raises the quality of the films and games of studio Dreampix to a new level:

• using models developed by the studio Dreampix

• unique game locations

• extra realistic graphics

• the ability to move in the game space, to control game characters and manipulate objects in the virtual space

Dreampix Studio offers its customers only the best and modern content.

New VR technology