All virtual films and games of Dreampix studio support Oculus CV1

Outdated technologies of human immersion in another reality gradually die out (for example, 3d) and in their place come new much more modern and high-tech (360 videos in virtual glasses). Along with the change of generations hardware also changes. What concerns the most widespread virtual headset, it went the following evolution up to the present day.

The first version of Oculus DK1 — Development Kit 1 — came in the summer of 2013. The second version for developers (DK2) became available in July 2014, followed by the appeared supplemented Oculus Rift Crescent Bay, which was an improved DK2 version. So here comes a consumer version, Oculus Consumer Version 1, which has a fairly powerful features compared to previous versions. And VR Studio Dreampix, to keep pace with the times, using the best possible virtual headset Oculus, has adapted all the films at 360 degrees and interactive games for the latest version. This gave a noticeable increase in graphics quality thanks to a more modern matrix CV1, as well as grown simplicity in the management of interactive games due to a more sensitive tracker.

Credo of Dreampix virtual studio is this; to offer only the best and most modern content to its customers.

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