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Films for Oculus rift — Oculus rift 5D ready
Today it has become indeed possible to  immerse fully into the world of cinema. And we are not just watching the actions on a screen, now we’re inside the event.
Our studio produces films in Oculus rift format. Today we can offer the following movies in an  Oculus format:
Snow Slope, Wild beach, Walking with Dinosaurs, X River. Zombie Land, Wild Island

EXTREME 5D — extreme movies for Oculus rift

Our studio has started to create a series of films for Oculus rift 5D on extreme sports.
With Oculus rift 5D does not have to be a legendary extreme, to go there, where there was never, zip on the hillside and jump off a cliff ….

… Experience the excitement and emotion of height Coast …

feel the breakneck speed and fall into the abyss of horror …

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