|VR Advertising

Presentation of services and products in virtual reality is a very effective and innovative tool for establishing contact with potential consumers. Nonstandard way to stand out from the crowd of competitors, to convey the real impression of the product or service in the virtual space, to make a tour of distant cities and countries, to immerse the client into the production cycle of complex systems or immerse in the environment where a person cannot be located in reality because of the unpreparedness.

Commercials in virtual reality (VR) can be classified into several types:

— Virtual shop-window is the type of commercials in virtual reality which exhibits a large number of catalogs of goods with an interactive feature of selection, detailed examination and sorting. It could be cars, houses, home furnishings and so on.

— Virtual presentation enables you to experience the sensation of being in the cockpit of the aircraft and flying it, driving a car, steering a ship, even driving a combine. Representation is based on the perceptions of the consumer, what he feels being inside and can also experience the simulation of the motion of air traffic or other vehicle. This system is absolutely necessary for the presentation at exhibitions in the event that the exhibit is very big and it is physically difficult or impossible to demonstrate it (aircraft, ship, building, power plant turbines and so on and so forth).

— A virtual guide is travelling all over the world which enables the person to see what he/she may never see or go to those locations he/she has never been to.

— Simulator is the action, motion, first-person game. Stunning extreme sports: snowboarding, skiing, jumping from springboard, skydiving, surfing, mountain biking, hang-gliding — the list is endless. Advertising simulator has been successfully implemented by the company Nike, when everyone had a possibility to imagine being a super-football-player and feel the drive of the game in virtual reality glasses.

Our experience in creating commercial games and films for the attractions of virtual reality, enables us to create for you a commercial advertisement VR of any complexity, and which is more crucial, you’ll be ten steps ahead of the competitors. Demonstration/ reproduction of clips is possible with virtual reality glasses Oculus Rift, and as well connected with a mobile platform-simulator of the attraction of virtual reality Extreme-machine.

Our works in the field of VR and advertising: