New VR-Film – Hover Man

Have you ever dreamed of flying like a bird? This is the eternal dream of mankind, which, even with the advent of airplanes and modern technology, was only partially resolved. This is primarily about Wingsuit (Wingsuit). This costume was invented in the mid-90s and is currently the closest person to the flight capabilities of real birds. But there is one thing, but not every person will be able to fly in a wingsuit, for safe control they will need at least 200 parachute jumps before you can try out this product of human genius.

It is in order to avoid such difficulties and risks that there is an attraction X-machine, which allows you to feel the same thing without risking your health and not wasting a year of preparation. Very soon our studio will release another film called Hover Man and then everyone will be able to join the flight in the sky.

Age restrictions: 10+

Format: Full HD stereo video, support for oculus VR tracking 360

Management: support of positioning in the VR space

Duration: 2.10-2.40 min