Dreampix new project preview: VR DreamSystem

Virtual reality has already taken its part in the entertainment business and huge amusement parks add VR to their largest and the most extreme attractions. Each sort of attraction (roller coaster, drop tower, booster etc.) needs a separate software and VR-content.

Dreampix Studio has developed a system that can be adapted to any kind of VR-attraction or amusement ride in a real amusement park. Now extreme, family and water attractions will become more fascinating and VR-attractions will enlarge their possibilities!

Our new project VR DreamSystem is a VR hardware and software system suitable for any kind of attraction!

VR System

VR DreamSystem will add more adrenalin, fun and will give unforgettable experience to all users.

Our system:

  • Includes a player of our own production for a high-quality displaying of VR-content and provides the attraction with synchronization of 24 VR-glasses at the same time;
  • Has a comfortable interface to select and play videos;
  • Shows battery charge level and notifies about discharge and hibernation mode of glasses. That means that all rides on the attraction will start simultaneously on all glasses;
  • Warns of any damages and overheating of the equipment.


Dreampix Studio has already produced VR-content that can be used in attractions right after VR DreamSystem installation.

We created stereoscopic 3D-videos – developing of such content is much harder than working on basic 360 videos. Stereoscopy means that two offset images go to the left and the right eye separately. Then these images join together in the brain and create the perception of a realistic 3D depth. The user feels all things in VR very naturally and realistic – exactly this effect presents in all our rides.

The dimension of our videos is 4K with 60Fps. This is not a usual ‘flat’ 360 video or old-fashioned movies from 5D-cinemas – our content was created especially for VR to achieve the highest possible realism and feeling of a true journey into the world of virtual reality.

VR Content dinosaursVR new Content








Feelings from the ride can be intensified not only with VR-content. VR DreamSystem while synchronizing with your equipment can also manage all effects: platform’s movement, tactile effects and also air/wind, smell and sound effects!

Want to know more? Soon we will officially release our VR DreamSystem! Follow our updates on the news section!