Unreal Snow Slope Oculus is Ready

We are glad to inform you about the development of a new, next film for the virtual reality rides Unreal Snow Slope Oculus. This time we will send users on an extreme journey through the mountainous, snow-covered slopes, make us test our strength, as if you are really doing this in real life, at least that’s how you will feel it. This film is designed specifically for the attraction Extreme-Machine.

In combination with the effect of wind, a moving platform and the ability to control your movement, you temporarily forget where the real and where is the virtual! If you have never descended from great heights, and in principle, if you do not know how and never skied on alpine skiing, then it is worth a try! No need to take risks, you only need to wear a helmet and be impressed, to experience the most real adrenaline emotions.



Age limit: 6+

Format: Full HD stereo video, support for oculus VR tracking 360 degrees

Duration: 2:48