Movies for Oculus Rift

Films for Oculus rift – Oculus rift 5D ready
Today, it is indeed possible to fully immerse in the world of cinema. And we are not just watching through the window of the screen, now we are inside the events.
Our studio produces films in the Oculus rift format. Today we can offer the following films in Oculus ready format:
Steep descent, Wild beach, Walking with dinosaurs, X-River. Zombie Land, Wild Island

Extreme 5D – Extreme Movies for Oculus rift

Our studio has started creating a series of films for Oculus rift 5D on the subject of extreme sports.
With Oculus rift 5D you don’t have to be a legendary extreme to go where you’ve never been, zip along a mountainside and jump off a cliff …

… experience the delight of the heights and emotions of free flight …

feel the frantic speed and horror of falling into the abyss …