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New Flight Simulators

We have great news for all fans of planes and flight simulators! Dreampix studio released two games where you can be in the place of a true pilot and navigate a racing plane or a battle plane! Forget about calm and relaxing flights on airliners! Air holes, tight turns and loops are waiting for you

VR Dreampix System

Virtual reality has already taken its part in the entertainment business and huge amusement parks add VR to their largest and the most extreme attractions. Each sort of attraction (roller coaster, drop tower, booster etc.) needs a separate software and VR-content. Dreampix Studio has developed a system that can be adapted to any kind of VR-attraction

Симулятор BMX

BMX Canyon film has been developed

BMX Simulator. After meticulous development and testing a new VR film from the studio Dreampix – BMX Canyon- has been released. VR game BMX Canyon is speed racing across the famous Grand Canyon in California, USA. The film is sure to arouse a lot of adrenaline and bring a lot of pleasant experiences, because the

The Box, a popular attraction in the West, has become so popular due to the unusual design of all the usual roller coasters. Their design is made in such a way that the slides pass through giant volumetric room-boxes, each with its own internal design and chips. So the usual ride on the roller coaster

Future advertising in Virtual Reality

The advertising industry is always closely watching the technical innovations and virtual reality is no exception. Today it is not uncommon to see commercials developed specifically for the Oculus Rift. As exemplified by the recent presentation by Audi of a new model Q7, which was presented to visitors of the exhibition with Oculus Rift glasses.

Outdated technologies of human immersion in another reality gradually die out (for example, 3d) and in their place come new much more modern and high-tech (360 videos in virtual glasses). Along with the change of generations hardware also changes. What concerns the most widespread virtual headset, it went the following evolution up to the present

games on oculus

Movies for Oculus Rift

Films for Oculus rift – Oculus rift 5D ready Today, it is indeed possible to fully immerse in the world of cinema. And we are not just watching through the window of the screen, now we are inside the events. Our studio produces films in the Oculus rift format. Today we can offer the following

Unreal Snow Slope Oculus is Ready

We are glad to inform you about the development of a new, next film for the virtual reality rides Unreal Snow Slope Oculus. This time we will send users on an extreme journey through the mountainous, snow-covered slopes, make us test our strength, as if you are really doing this in real life, at least

Walk with dinosaurs 5D

On the eve of the release of a new large-scale film in the world hire “Walking with dinosaurs 3D”, we have released our version. The film was created specifically for small 5D cinema halls, and, despite the timing of the film, it fully allows you to plunge into a virtual environment. The grandiose and exciting

New VR-Film – Hover Man

Have you ever dreamed of flying like a bird? This is the eternal dream of mankind, which, even with the advent of airplanes and modern technology, was only partially resolved. This is primarily about Wingsuit (Wingsuit). This costume was invented in the mid-90s and is currently the closest person to the flight capabilities of real

We hurry to inform you about the planned next new product. At this time, users will feel like flying on a hang glider among the snow-capped mountain peaks. It should be noted that this film by our studio will be adapted to Oculus and the X-Machine attraction.

Would you ever jump from a huge tall springboard? Yes, it is also desirable so that the bones remain intact? Now you will have this opportunity thanks to a new film from our studio called Unreal Jump. Enjoy the extreme without risking your health, the main thing is that you will perceive everything as if