Walk with dinosaurs 5D


On the eve of the release of a new large-scale film in the world hire “Walking with dinosaurs 3D”, we have released our version. The film was created specifically for small 5D cinema halls, and, despite the timing of the film, it fully allows you to plunge into a virtual environment.

The grandiose and exciting world of dinosaurs … The world of dinosaurs has always attracted us. This unexplored feeling to see our predecessors with our own eyes stirs to this day. We have tried to make the graphics as realistic as possible so that you, our dear viewers, can fully plunge into the unusual world and feel the breath of these beautiful animals literally!


The 5D cinema format most fully conveys a sense of presence in the virtual world, since it is not only 3D surround image, but also 5.1 surround sound, and on a moving platform, you can completely forget about what is going ON outside cinemas. The film is already available in the network 5D cinema, enjoy!

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